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Food Service
Sue Geis

Food Service Director

Welcome to Northwestern Local Schools Food Service Department


How would  you like the challenge of feeding 1,200 lunch guests every day in two hours time?  That is the task that the Northwestern School Food Service Department faces every day of the week. In the fast moving world of now and fast foods at every corner, our kitchen staff works hard to provide our students with a nutritious lunch that the students will eat.

Our lunch program operates under the guidelines established by the State Child Nutrition Department. Our cooks are always looking for attractive ways to present these meals. As parents ourselves, we know what our children will eat and we try to avoid preparing time consuming costly meals that will not be eaten.


Along with providing our students healthy midday meals, our Food Services Program is also designed to help our students develop the ability to make good decisions about what food they eat. Our Type A Lunch Program offers several substitutions to choose from on a daily basis. Several ways that you may substitute are: choice of sandwich, choice of fresh fruit or juice, side salad or fresh vegetables. A Salad Lunch is also offered which consists of a Chef Salad, crackers or bread, fruit and milk. The Ala Carte Program also offers items that help students make healthy choices.


Because young children are in the process of learning to make good food choices, they may need help in choosing what they will eat. Our monthly menu is in the Springfield News Sun, as well as posted on our web site, and sent home each month with students. We encourage parents to go over the lunch menu with their children to help them to decide what to eat each day.


The Northwestern Local School District has committed cooks who are producing quality meals that are nutritious and appealing to our students. Stop in and have lunch with your child or grandchild. If you wish to visit our kitchens please contact Mrs. Sue Geis, Food Service Director at 964-1318, and make an appointment.  

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