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Chris Frost
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BA in Social Work from Wright State University
Teaching Certification, grades 1-8 from Wright State University
Masters in Educational Administration from University of Dayton

Current Teaching Assignment: 4th Grade Math

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I am very excited to be teaching three sections of 4th grade math this year. I will be the math teacher for my own homeroom, Mrs. Overholser's homeroom, and Mrs. Roseberry's homeroom. I will be utilizing the Math Workshop model in my classroom this year. I began dabbling with this model last year, when Northwestern employed our math coach, Mrs. Heather Swensen who formerly taught third grade. Mrs. Swensen is being trained at The Ohio State University in the workshop model, and I was fortunate enough to be a part of her first coaching cycle last year. Math Workshop looks so much different than the traditional math classes I sat through as a student many years ago! In the workshop model, the kids are actively engaged in developing strategies to solve multi-faceted problems. They develop thinking skills as they work together in groups, pairs, and sometimes, individually. It's so exciting to watch as students discover that there is more than one strategy one can use to arrive at the solution to a problem, and that they are capable of developing these strategies on their own! It's exhilarating to watch them grow in confidence as thinkers, problem solvers, and mathematicians.
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