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In math, we have been working on creating and interpreting patterns. As well as, developing different strategies to help us solve problems. We are continuing to use the math workshop approach by creating a variety of hands-on math stations to help the students learn math concepts. For example, the students created their own growing pattern using pattern blocks and then presented their pattern to the class using the document camera.

Overall, the kids did a great job in the first quarter and are taking responsibility of their learning. The next topic starts next week as we will dig deeper into understanding place value. Continue to allow time during the week for your child to complete some I-ready lessons. Also, students knowing their multiplication facts will greatly help them to be successful this year in math. We created math fact-family triangles in class. Please allow some time during the week to practice these facts with your child.


Mrs. Errett’s math students are still working hard. We finished the math workshop model and are now concentrating on operations and algebraic thinking. We have been digging deep into the understanding of multiplication, patterns and properties and will follow this topic with a deeper understanding of division. We have also been working on our math skills using the I-ready program. Students are encouraged to go on i-ready at home to complete lessons as well. This is a great way for them to keep up on math skills and increase understanding either if they are lacking in an area or if they need more rich tasks. Overall, we have continued our great start and hope to next month as well.


We are in the midst of the first 20 days of math workshop. This concept, adopted by the math teachers this year, is to help students to have a successful experience in the math classroom by teaching the basics: classroom roles, routines and procedures. As well as, how to think like an active mathematician, how to speak mathematically, and how to record and share their thinking like mathematicians. A lesson the students enjoyed this week was the lesson regarding ‘Good Habits of Math Students’. During this lesson, the students became mathematicians by creating a new classroom arrangement. The students were paired up and created a scale down model of the classroom seating chart using blocks. They then sketched their idea on graph paper and concluded with a presentation using the document camera. We will continue establishing these routines for the next couple of weeks. Also, the students started creating their interactive math notebook. The interactive notebook will be used as a personalized reference book and will be a great study tool as well. The interactive notebook will be graded each quarter. The rubric is located on page two of the notebook. Overall, it has been a great start and the students seem very excited to learn. J
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