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Power of the Pen

Northwestern Students participating in the Power of the Pen State Tournament!

Back row - Alex Johnson and Joy Kruse (8th Grade)

Front row - Allex Smith and Kat Lee (7th Grade)

Power of the Pen Power of the Pen

Northwestern Students participating in the Power of the Pen State Tournament!

Back row - Alex Johnson and Joy Kruse (8th Grade)

Front row - Allex Smith and Kat Lee (7th Grade)

NW 6th Graders Competing in Invention Convention NW 6th Graders Competing in Invention Convention

We have four sixth graders competing in the Invention Convention on April 11th. They are:

Leah Bainbridge-"Quadraboard"-combination chalkboard/whiteboard/magnet and cork board

Jerrin Drews-"The No Fail Umbrella"-comes with built in shovel for a beach umbrella

Paige Phillips-"The Glo-Belt"-Add on to a backseat seatbelt to be able to see how to insert

Cain Vorhees-"4-Wheeler Heater"-Allows 4 wheelers to start in frigid weather

Please congratulate them if you see them!

In addition, they are competing for the Ohio Choice Award that is based on voting. I have attached the information if you would like to vote for our students. (It does cost $1 per vote)

Click on the "click here" for more information.

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Superior Rating for Northwestern Symphonic Band Superior Rating for Northwestern Symphonic Band

The Northwestern Symphonic Band just earned a "Superior" rating at this weekend's competition and now moves on to State! Congratulations Warriors!!

College Credit Plus College Credit Plus

To:       All Jr./Sr. High School Students and Families

Starting next year, any student in grades 7-12 will have the opportunity to take college level coursework and receive college credit through state or private universities. Through the College Credit Plus Program, a student who has the appropriate placement score on the ACT/SAT or college entrance exam (i.e. the Compass test for Clark State) can take college courses online or at a college or university. Additionally, Northwestern will offer some classes which provide students the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit simultaneously. Students will still be required to meet high school and state requirements for graduation.

Northwestern will be holding a second College Credit Plus (CCP) meeting on Wednesday, March 25th at 6:30 PM in cafeteria of the Jr./Sr. High School. If you attended the first meeting, you will not need to attend this meeting. There will be no new information. To help with our planning, please RSVP to Rutanb@nwls.education if you are planning to attend. If you have questions about CCP, please contact Mrs. Rutan at (937) 964-1324. The last day to sign-up for CCP is Wednesday, April 1, 2015.

For more information on CCP: www.ohiohighered.org/ccp

Ann G. Martin Scholarship Application

Due Date: May 1, 2015 to Cynde Sroufe at the Jr/Sr High School

Attn: Ann G. Martin Scholarship

The Northwestern Teacher's Association and the family of Ann G. Martin are proud to once again offer a scholarship in Ann's memory.  The $500.00 one-time scholarship will be awarded to a Northwestern graduate who is currently a college junior or senior enrolled in the College of Education.

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"Opt Out" of State Testing "Opt Out" of State Testing

February 17, 2015

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We are aware that there is a growing movement where some parents/guardians are considering the decision to allow their children to “opt out” of state testing.  However, as a district, Northwestern encourages all parents/guardians to allow their children to participate in state testing for several reasons.  

Please know that we value your involvement in the educational process and want to ensure that you have the following information about testing.

State and federal laws require all Ohio school districts to administer tests in specific grades and courses to all students. While there is no law or official state procedure that allows parents or students to opt out of testing, we understand your concerns and respect your rights as a parent.

However, we do want to make sure you are fully-informed about the possible consequences of opting out of testing. First and foremost, data is a valuable tool our educators use to make decisions for your child’s education. The data collected from state-approved assessments such as PARCC, in addition to classroom assessments and assignments, is used by our teachers and administrators to help your child be successful in school. The information provided to our teachers from PARCC can be used to decide placement in advanced courses, interventions, differentiated instruction, and instructional practices to ensure that we are providing all students with a high-quality education. Although we will have data from other sources that we can use, we believe that the PARCC data is a crucial piece of this information.

The Ohio Department of Education also provides the following potential consequences of opting out of testing for students, districts, schools, and teachers:

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Carly's Gift of Love

Northwestern Local Schools proudly supports Carly's Gift of Love.  The following excerpt from Dayton Children's Hospital indicates how we can help former student, Carly Tomlinson, achieve her dream of helping children with cancer.

Please consider supporting this worthwhile cause by clicking on the link below.


Please click on the "click here" for the official Dayton Children's Letter.

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Third Thursday Every Month

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Preserving our Warrior history has been an ongoing goal as we transitioned from the former buildings to our new facilities.  

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