Wireless Access Map

Northwestern Local Schools has installed four new outdoor access points to supply free wireless to anyone that needs it.  Students who need access to wireless can simply bring their Chromebook within the wireless boundaries and it will connect automatically to wireless SSID NWMobile.  Parents and community members, with personal devices, can join the wireless SSID named Public. There is no passcode needed to join Public.  

The four wireless zones are as shown on the map below.  The two at the Elementary school are located in the front and the back parking lots.  There is one zone at the High School that is outside the activities entrance in that parking lot.  The fourth is in the parking lot in front of the Athletic’s Building.

Use of these Access Points will require that you please stay in your cars while on campus. We need you to practice good social distancing and stay as far away from other cars as possible. Please DO NOT leave your vehicle.