Principal's Message

Dear Northwestern Jr./Sr. High School Families,

During the school year, we spend time planning for the present as well as the future. Spending this year with your children is an extraordinary experience. Watching our students grow and mature from the start of the year to the end of the year is incredible. They grow both in knowledge and experience. The choices they make surprise and encourage us to believe in their futures.

Teachers, counselors, and administrators will play a key role in the success of your child. But, so does your family. Together, we will have high expectations that your child will achieve. We will offer the support they will sometimes need. We will offer encouragement, as it is needed, and celebrate their successes along the way. Their success is our goal.

During the school year, please contact us when you feel your child needs something extra from us. Please call in the morning to let us know if your child has experienced something out of the ordinary such as a pet dying or your family moving. This will help us to better meet your child's needs.

At NW Jr./Sr. High School, we have an open-door policy and look forward to having a positive rapport with all of the students. We encourage parents to reach out to teachers and administrators throughout the year.


Lori Swafford