Important Tax Information

Property Tax and School Funding

This document is the most recent available information from Ohio Department of Taxation that provides an in-depth understanding of the property tax and its role in providing vital resources to school districts.

Income Taxation and School Funding - This document provides an in-depth understanding the School District Income Tax.

How Do I file my school district income tax? - Ohio School District income taxes are filed through the Ohio Department of Taxation. Use this link to find out more information.

Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) - Information from the Ohio Department of Taxation.

Clark County Auditor Home Page

Clark County Auditor: Property Search - Check here to search for your property and find information on your annual property taxes.

What School District Do I Live In? - On this website, you can search your address to see what school district you live in. This will also provide your school district tax number.

What is Northwestern's school district tax number? - Northwestern's school district tax number is 1204.